Godzilla 2014
(sorry it took me forever to find time for personal art but here it is!) I loved the idea of the king of monsters being this ancient force of nature capable of destruction and peace. 
If The Hobbit were an MMO * Bilbo has joined the party * Thorin: lol Thorin: hobbit Fili: xD Kili: XDDDD Bilbo: :/ Gandalf: a THIEF hobbit Gandalf: he'll be useful Gandalf: promise. Thorin: He better be. Bilbo, build? Bilbo: Build what? Thorin: ...what's your build. Bilbo: OH. Er...I don't think I have one. Thorin: Stats? Bilbo: Haven't assigned any. Bilbo: I usually just RP in town. * Bilbo has been kicked from party * Gandalf: Thorin wtf * Bilbo has joined the party * Bilbo: @_@ Thorin: Is he level 20 or something whotf doesn't have a build Bilbo: EXCUSE YOU. I'm level 80! Thorin: What skills did you get? Bilbo: I'm not telling you that, you'll just mock all of them. Thorin: Gandalf I'm not bringing an untested thief along. Thorin: He'll die. Thorin: Several times. Thorin: IDG why I even have to, we're pretty much set. Gandalf: Yeah, 13 warrior-class idiots versus a level 500 dragon boss. Gandalf: That'll scare him. Gandalf: Look, his skillset's ideal and you have an extra party slot. Gandalf: Just bring him along. What's the harm? Dwalin: he's not even geared Thorin: ...what? Dwalin: look at his armor Thorin: Oh god. Fili: lmao that's like starter gear Kili: XDDDDDDDDD Bofur: HOW ARE YOU ALIVE?! ... later ... * A Stone Giant damaged Bilbo for 18,028 HP * Thorin: jfc * Thorin applies bandages to Bilbo's wounds * * Thorin applies bandages to Bilbo's wounds * * Thorin applies bandages to Bilbo's wounds * * Bilbo has recovered his health * * Bilbo has been kicked from party * Gandalf: THORIN I SWEAR TO GOD * Bilbo has joined the party * Gandalf: IF YOU KICK HIM ONE MORE TIME I'M LOGGING OFF<p>lmfao<br/><br/>i kept reading "thorin apples Bilbo".....<br/></p>

Batman is imported?

watched Godzilla with a buddy last night so you know

Godzilla by nelsondaniel